Once and For All


Once and for all
Once and for all
Once and for all
Once and for all
Once and for all


KEY – Dm
Bpm – 120 bpm
Time – 4/4
Length – approx 2:16
Composer – Gareth Hosking


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Piano and rising strings lead into big drums and voices as your epic quest begins to seek out those ambitions and victories which belong only to you.

“Once and for all” rises as brass, bass synth and big drums take you to a point of quiet contemplation before everything explodes into a victorious melody of conquering all that is behind and in front of you.

“Once and for all” is sure to capture the attention and emotions of your audience; whether you are using the piece for product advertising, a movie trailer, video, and or film.

Take your audience on an epic journey with this authentic soundtrack.

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