Lost In The Field Of Music


Lost In The Fields Of Music
Lost In The Fields Of Music
Lost In The Fields Of Music
Lost In The Fields Of Music
Lost In The Fields Of Music


KEY – Am
Bpm – 120 bpm
Time – 4/4
Length – 3:05
Composer: Gareth Hosking

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The composition captures the thrill of the chase through the busy and narrow streets

in the middle of rush hour; as you look for a way to elude and evade those coming

after you on your highly secretive mission.


Cathedral voices are swiftly interrupted as the chase begins. With driving strings

and punchy brass anticipation builds as things heat up. After a brief reprieve, the

bass introduces a lead synth with the strings and punchy brass still keeping the

chase alive.


There is a short time of a rushing picked guitar and horns which gives you a chance

to catch your breath before the bass once again leads into the final rush of this

suspense and adventure. And just as you are on the edge of your seat, the chase is



“Lost in the field of music” is a sure winner in capturing your attention and emotions;

whether you are using the piece for feel-good product advertising, video, and or film.

This chase will make any of your missions possible.

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