Beautiful Rising


Beautiful Rising
Beautiful Rising
Beautiful Rising
Beautiful Rising
Beautiful Rising


KEY – F Major
Bpm – 110 bpm
Time – 4/4
Length – 3:01

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“Beautiful Rising” is a bouncy feel good representation of waking up knowing that there is something beautiful rising to meet you this very day. Maybe it is the start of a new job, a picnic in the green fields filled with beautiful flowers, or maybe it is just that you are happy to spend another day with your loved ones.

Whatever awaits, “Beautiful Rising” captures the fun, playful and inviting spirit of when we awake with happiness, gratitude and a sense of excitement in our heart. The bouncy strings and the staccato brass underpin the catchy piano melody; which can easily, and pleasantly so, get stuck going around and around in your head.

“Beautiful Rising” is sure to be a winner in capturing your audience’s attention and emotions; whether you are using the piece for feel good product advertising, corporate presentations or for video and media production or film.

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