Thank you for choosing to be a partner with Thorntree and Walker. It is our privilege to be working with you and we are looking forward to helping you bring your sound to life with an impactful brand and online presence.


The way your profile (web) page will live and work can take two different forms. The main differences being ‘what you type into the search field’ to find your profile page.

Option A: www.thorntreeandwalker/artistname

(Option A will not incur annual registration costs as the main pages will be housed on the Thorntree & Walker platform (you will still be able to go straight to your profile when you type in your URL: www.thorntreeandwalker/artistsname

Option B:

(Option B will not start with ‘thorntreeandwalker’. It will be your This option however will incur an annual registration fee (roughly $85 per year) with the third party domain registration company (this will be your personal cost to cover).

With that in mind, please can you advise us of the following…

    Content Form Submission

    Do you already have your own domain set up?

    Would you like us to register your own personal domain for you? (You will be liable for annual registration costs)

    What your URL will look like on our site:

    What is your genre of music?

    CountryCountry RockRockSoulBluesJazzPopHeavy MetalAlternative RockGrungeIndie RockOther

    Do you have a specific color scheme in mind for your website page?

    Do you have any specific images that you would like us to use on your profile page (max 5MB)

    Do you have music tracks that you would like to upload onto your profile (max 5MB)

    Do you have existing / will you have merch that you would like to sell on your profile?

    Tell us what merch you would like to sell

    Provide bio that you would like included in your profile?

    Do you have any videos that you would like included on your website?

    If you need to send raw files, please check this box and we will send you a separate link to upload the file(s)


    Up Coming Shows/Events?

    Any other important information you would like included on your site?

    Do you have existing social media accounts that you would like linked to your web page?