About Thorntree And Walker

Thorntree & Walker is the story of three entrepreneurs from life-long careers rooted in branding, music, creativity, marketing and entrepreneurship. After working across 10 different countries around the world, including the US, they realized a need to support artists through the complex journey across the music landscape. 

Why Thorntree and Walker? Well, a Thorntree is a fast growing, beautifully green, drought and frost-resistant tree – this represents half of our story as we continually travel the road of reinventing ourselves and always building resistance to mediocrity. The other half of our story, a Walker, refers to a traveller, an explorer, always moving forward, discovering new things and taking new roads along the way.

And so the team at Thorntree & Walker set out to create an online space where new and established artists, can come for guidance and the resources needed to continually build their profile in the marketplace, find the right tools and support they need to consistently grow their brand, and to take advantage of the available opportunities to commercialize their music and merchandise. 

Our vision at Thorntree & Walker is to help artists build and optimise their brand and talent in order to always grow and thrive. In short, we are a place for artists – to support and to help them evolve, take new roads and create their most amazing story of success.


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